What is it about?

This sections aims to centralise all MOOC resources dealing with hydrogen and fuel cells. It also connects to a dedicated learning platform which facilitates the development and sharing of new learning resources. This learning platform is accessible here.

Who is it for?

e-Learning addresses learners of all kind willing to grow their knowledge of hydrogen and fuel cells. Some of the MOOCs deliver certificates which are recognised by the industry.

How does it work?

The FCH2Edu MOOC platform hosts MOOCs which have been developed following very high quality standards. The MOOCs are open access.

Contibutors willing to share their knowledge according to the above mentioned standards are welcome to contribute here by contacting us first.

A complementary list of available MOOCs is accessible on this page. To get listed, a MOOC needs to deal with Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. The educational quality of the MOOC is not assessed and remains the responsibility of the MOOC owner