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Hydrogen safety

Principles of Hydrogen Safety:

This module addresses fundamentals of hydrogen safety applicable to existing and foreseeable hydrogen and fuel cell systems and infrastructure. Learners will get scientific and engineering principles of hydrogen safety to understand the origin and phenomenology of hydrogen safety problems. The study of hydrogen safety engineering principles is underpinned by online engineering tools and case studies.

Hydrogen Safety Technologies
This module builds on and develops further the knowledge acquired in module “Principles of hydrogen safety”. It focuses on advances in hydrogen safety technologies, including but not limited to prevention and mitigation strategies as well as novel engineering solutions to provide inherently safer deployment of hydrogen systems and infrastructure. The students will learn how to design hydrogen ventilation systems, prevent civil structures from demolition by the pressure peaking phenomenon, deal with cryogenic and liquefied hydrogen systems, understand pressure and thermal effects of indoor jet fires, mitigate deflagrations and deflagration-to-detonation transition, prevent accidents with hydrogen storage, assess hazard distances from blast wave and fireball after tank rupture in a fire, etc. The teaching and learning is underpinned by the use of contemporary tools from online e-Laboratory of hydrogen safety.